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Find your career in Futureville

Futureville is a typical Australian Town in the midst of its renewable energy transition, and it needs your help to reach its sustainability goals.


Futureville is a fun game designed to help you on your journey to finding a career that matches your interests.

The clean energy sector is a growth area for jobs in Australia, and features careers to suit almost anyone’s interests, skills and ambitions.

If you are unsure of what job you would like to pursue, or already have a career in mind, playing Futureville will show you there is a place for you in the renewable energy industry.

Playing Futureville

Before you arrive in Futureville you’ll be asked to select a persona. This will tailor the game experience to match your interests.

As each persona results in a different path through the game, replay the game as different personas to see the full range of jobs available, that might match your own interests.

Collecting trading cards

As you move around Futureville you’ll meet different people, some who work in renewable energy. These workers will share with you their trading card that tells you a little about their job.

The trading cards feature key information:

  • the environment that the job usual takes place in,
  • how well it maps to your interests,
  • what skills are generally required in this job,
  • what qualifications and study pathways you could pursue to make this job your career
  • key benefits of the job

You should collect the trading cards for the jobs that interest you as you move through the game. At the end of the game you will be able to see, save and share your collected trading cards to continue your career exploration.

You can explore the full set of available trading cards here.

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