Wind Engineer


Wind Engineer

I design wind farms so we can turn wind into renewable energy. What turbines we use, where we place them, and how to improve their performance, that's all me. Show me a topographical map and some historical wind speed data and I'm happy!


Indoor Office Sometimes outdoors on project sites Working at a computer
Working with hands
Being creative
Leading and guiding
Solving problems
Working with people
Data and Details


  • Engineering and Technology  
  • Mathematics  
  • Design  
  • Physics  
  • English Language


  • Bachelor's Degree or higher qualification in engineering majoring in electrical. 
  • Prior work as an Electrical Engineer 
  • Licensing or registration required 


  • Salary 59% higher than the average of all Australian occupations 
  • Strong future demand expected 
*Average of all Australian occupations

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Upper Primary

Grade 5 & 6

Students explore the basics of electricity. Students will learn how electrical energy can be transferred and transformed in electrical circuits.

Lower Secondary

Grade 7 & 8

Students explore how energy sources such as the sun and wind can be harnessed to produce electricity, and ways to store it.