Software Developer


Software Developer

I'm the one who codes the algorithms. No, not the ones for your social media feed! The ones that keep our renewable energy systems running. Energy trading, operational control, back-office systems, I'm across them all. IF I'm coding, THEN things are optimised, ELSE no renewable energy!


Indoor Office Working at a computer
Working with hands
Being creative
Leading and guiding
Solving problems
Working with people
Data and Details


  • Computers and Electronics  
  • Mathematics  
  • Engineering and Technology  
  • English Language  
  • Customer and Personal Service  


  • Bachelor's Degree or higher qualification in information technology (programming, software engineering, software development or computer science)  
  • Some workers have a VET qualification 


  • Salary 39% higher than the average of all Australian occupations 
  • Strong future demand expected 
*Average of all Australian occupations

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