Policy Analyst


Policy Analyst

Our industry moves faster than the regulations can keep up with! I keep on top of government policy developments related to energy, to ensure we remain compliant. I analyse policy, prepare briefing papers, and advise on how to respond to changes in the regulatory environment. Everyone knows the lay of the land when I'm on the team!


Indoor Office Working at a computer Working with others
Working with hands
Being creative
Leading and guiding
Solving problems
Working with people
Data and Details


  • Law and Government 
  • English Language 
  • Commuinications and Media 
  • Engineering and Technology 
  • Administration and Mangement 


  • Bachelor's Degree or higher qualification in political science and policy studies 
  • Relevant work experience. 


  • Salary 43% higher than the average of all Australian occupations 
  • Strong future demand expected 
*Average of all Australian occupations

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