Operations / Asset Manager


Operations / Asset Manager

Renewable energy seems pretty simple. A turbine spins when it's windy and a solar panel catches the Sun’s energy. A lot more happens behind the scenes! It's my job to manage when we are going to generate energy and sell into the market, the maintenance schedule and the onsite workers. I keep those electrons flowing!


Indoor office and onsite at project sites Working at a computer Working with others
Working with hands
Being creative
Leading and guiding
Solving problems
Working with people
Data and Details


  • Administration and Management  
  • Mechanical  
  • Engineering and Technology  
  • Public Safety and Security  
  • Personnel and Human Resources


  • Bachelor's Degree or higher qualification may be useful (Manufacturing Engineering and Technology, Process and Resources Engineering, Business and Management).  
  • Certificate IV or Diploma in project management 
  • VET and university are both common study pathways. 


  • Salary 46% higher than the average of all Australian occupations 
  • Strong future demand expected 
*Average of all Australian occupations

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