Construction Labourer


Construction Labourer

You need something built? I'm the all-rounder you need to do lots of routine manual labour jobs in construction of renewable energy projects. Under supervision of others with specialist skills, I get the work done. It's hard work some days, but I love just pitching in and getting things done.


Outdoor Project Sites Physical exertion Using hands and tools to control or feel objects
Working with hands
Being creative
Leading and guiding
Solving problems
Working with people
Data and Details


  • Building and Construction  
  • Public Safety and Security  
  • Mechanical  
  • Customer and Personal Service 
  • Education and Training 


  • No formal qualification required. 
  • Certificate I (Building) or compulsory secondary education may be useful 
  • Licensing or registration required 


  • Salary 10% higher than the average of all Australian occupations 
  • Decline in future demand expected  
*Average of all Australian occupations

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