How can sunlight charge my phone?

The Sun’s energy warms our planet, drives its winds and ocean currents, and provides the energy for life to flourish. Today it’s used to produce the electricity our society relies on.


A short 3 minute video explaining the topic for students.

How can sunlight charge my phone?

An introduction to solar energy and how sunlight is turned into electricity.

Use this video in your lesson or share directly with your students.

Digital Activities

Digital interactive activities can be used in your classroom in conjunction with the video, or independently.


This interactive Q&A is designed to quiz students on what they have learned after watching the video.

This is a digital version of the multiple choice PDF worksheet below.

Hey Sun! Charge my phone!

Drag and drop game where students build a circuit using solar panels to connect power to charge their phone.

Demonstrates solar power, circuits, and batteries in a real world context.

Worksheets and Classroom Activities

Topic PDF worksheets can be used in your classroom either in conjunction with the video or independently.


This Q&A worksheet is designed to quiz students on what they have learned after watching the video.

This is a PDF version of the digital interactive found above.


Pulling ideas from across all topics, this crossword worksheet is a simple resource for use in your classroom.

Teacher Resources

Teacher notes and Q&A answers

By using the resources available for this topic, your students have the opportunity to learn:

  • Solar energy can power home, technology, industry and transport.
  • An introduction to where solar energy comes from
  • Different methods of turning light from the sun into solar energy
  • An introduction to photovoltaic solar cells

This PDF includes:

  • Video summary
  • Literacy links
  • Research tasks
  • Curriculum links
  • Worksheet answers

Crossword answers

Download the crossword worksheet solutions.

Curriculum Mapping

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Australian Curriculum Science, year 8

NSW Curriculum Science, stages 3 and 4

Victorian Curriculum Science, levels 7 and 8

Discover the wonders of electricity & renewable energy

Upper Primary

Grade 5 & 6

Students explore the basics of electricity. Students will learn how electrical energy can be transferred and transformed in electrical circuits.

Lower Secondary

Grade 7 & 8

Students explore how energy sources such as the sun and wind can be harnessed to produce electricity, and ways to store it.